Green Airport bus a Malpensa - Arriva Italia - Bergamo - Staging
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Green Airport Bus a Malpensa


Green Airport Bus is the service that transports passengers, from one terminal to another in Malpensa: a fleet of buses that allows tourists arriving or departing to reach the different park cars along the route of the Green Bus between T1 and T2. This service also allows you to reach Cargo City, the city of goods that thanks to its specialized facilities offers assistance for all types of air goods.

The service runs from 5.00 to 24.00 with a frequency of about 20 minutes. The terminal stops are located in front of the Sheraton Hotel (T1) and on the platform in front of the arrivals exit (T2).

White lines: pedestrian crossingYellow lines: pedestrian crossing reserved to staffUse seat belts on buses equipped with them
Stay on the sidewalk until the bus is stationaryAlways go up from the front doors and down from the backdoors
No ticket no partyPunch your ticketSale of tickets aboard – payment by cash or with banknotes with a maximum denomination of 10€
Show your ticket to the driverPet transport as the regulations on forceLeave seats clean
No food or beverages allowed aboardSmoking not allowedLow volume
Do not disturbRespect the bus and don’t damage it

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